Крупнейшие компании в отрасли туризма и тревел-бизнеса. мировой рейтинг 2023

What is Travel Agency?

A travel agency is a retailer or public service provider that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of accommodation or travel suppliers to offer different kinds of traveling packages for each destination. 

If we shorten the definition of travel agency:

– A business that helps to make arrangements for people who want to travel.

– An agency engaged in selling and arranging transportation, accommodations, tours, and trips for travelers.

Some travel agencies may not have offices in a particular area or they may act as general sales agents for airlines.

Basically, the main job of this travel agency is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of the supplier. But, they do not keep inventory in the hand unless they have pre-booked hotel rooms or cabins on a cruise ship for a group travel event such as a wedding, honeymoon, or another group event.

History of Travel Agency

Cox & Kings is the first travel agency in modern history and it’s founded in 1758. Cox & Kings is the world’s oldest travel agency.

In 1840, the Abreu Agency was established in Porto by Bernardo Abreu, becoming the world’s first agency to open its services to the public.

What travel agency do?

A travel agency will be able to provide you with the best prices for flights, hotels and holiday packages. They will also be able to provide you with information on popular destinations as well as those that you might not have considered before.Travel agency is a new trend in the travel market. There are more airlines, tour operators airlines, and many other services. This leads to the new travel markets for existing markets.

What is a Tour guide?

A tour guide or a tourist guide is a person who provides assistance, information on cultural, historical, and contemporary heritage to people on organized sightseeing and individual clients at educational establishments, religious and historical sites such as; museums, and at various venues of tourist attraction resorts.

Traveling is something that many people enjoy due to various reasons. Some people travel for leisure, others do it for relaxation or even for business purposes.

We all have different kinds of vacations and enjoy spending them in various destinations. However, depending on the type of vacation you are looking forward to can help you pick the travel agency that can cater to your needs.

Online Travel Agencies in 2023: Landscape Overview

Market Size and Growth

The OTA market is booming, projected to be worth a staggering $1.06 trillion by 2027. For the year 2023 alone, the market is estimated to be valued at $2.3 trillion.

Key Trends Shaping the Industry

Factors such as improved network connectivity, the rise of mobile platforms, and the increased spending capability of the average consumer are boosting the industry.

Relevance to the Hotel Industry

Travel booking companies are invaluable for the hotel industry. Their contribution is not just in bookings but in providing an efficient way for customers to compare prices and options. They have become integrated parts of the overall travel ecosystem, adding value to both hoteliers and travelers alike.

Technological Advancements

With the advent of technologies like AI and machine learning, OTAs are transforming the way bookings are made by offering personalized experiences to users.


Акции оператора круизных туров торгуются как в Великобритании, так и в США. До июня он был включен как в S&P 500, так и в FTSE 100, основной индекс Великобритании.

Однако в связи с падением акуций, компания была «разжалована» до индекса FTSE 250 в Великобритании.

Carnival, годовой график

Несмотря на неспокойную ситуацию в 2020 году, Carnival по-прежнему остается крупнейшей в мире туристической компанией с объединенным парком круизных лайнеров из более чем 100 судов под 10 брендами круизных линий. До пандемии гости Carnival могли останавливаться в более чем 700 портах по всему миру.

Но жизнь компании изменилась быстро и кардинально. В США был издан «приказ о запрете круизов» до 30 сентября, срок которого круизные операторы добровольно продлили до 31 октября. Многие аналитики ожидают, что, возможно, «приказ о запрете круизов» официально будет дополнительно продлен до конца года.

Ранее в этом месяце сенаторы Флориды Рик Скотт и Марко Рубио представили проект «Закона о безопасных морских перевозках», который предлагает сотрудничество между заинтересованными сторонами отрасли для возобновления работы круизных операторов. Неудивительно, что именно Флорида возглавляет деятельность в этом направлении, поскольку половина рабочих мест в отрасли сконцентрирована в районе Майами.

15 сентября Carnival опубликовала предварительные финансовые результаты за 3 квартал. Скорректированный чистый убыток составил $1,7 млрд. Несмотря на то, что в речи генерального директора Арнольда Дональда прозвучала нотка оптимизма в отношении будущего, показатель прожигания денег компании все еще остается около $650 миллионов в месяц.

В этом году акции CCL упали примерно на 72% и колеблются на уровне 876 пенсов ($14 за американские акции). Однако они выросли примерно на 50% после минимумов в начале весны.

Более 70% пассажиров круизных лайнеров составляют жители США и Европы. Если деятельность в этих регионах не будет возобновлена на уровне, близком к полной загрузке, то компания не сможет генерировать доходы, оправдывающие текущую цену акций. Участникам рынка не стоит торопиться инвестировать в акции CCL или ее аналогов Norwegian Cruise Line (NYSE:NCLH) или Royal Caribbean Cruises (NYSE:RCL).

Priority Pass

«As a frequent traveler, my most prized membership is my Priority Pass,» says Renata Castro, an attorney based in Miami.

Priority Pass gives members access to a global network of airport lounges, even if they hold only economy or premium economy tickets. Some credit cards include a Priority Pass membership or similar benefits.

«When I travel internationally, having the option to go to different lounges is a must,» says Castro. «My mothership of all memberships is my Amex Platinum – and I get Priority Pass access as a result with membership. However, I’d pay for it if I was not a cardholder.»

There are other benefits, including restaurant discounts. «If you find yourself eating frequently in the airport, it’s an easy way to save at least $60 per round trip — or up to $120 if you travel with a partner or friend — even if there’s no Priority Pass lounge at the airport you’re using,» says Manny Salorio, who publishes Go Ask A Local, a travel platform that connects independent travelers with local experts around the world for trip planning consultations.

Tip: Before you get a standalone Priority Pass membership, check your credit card to see if you have similar lounge benefits. No point paying for the same thing twice. However, note that some of the credit cards have restrictions on using Priority Pass lounges and some of the lounges prioritize travelers who have purchased memberships over those who received the membership through a credit card.

Global Hotel and Resort Industry: Market Size, Leading Brands, and Most Expensive Hotels

Global Hotel and Resort Industry Market Size: 2013–2023 In Trillion USD
2013 1.11
2014 1.15
2015 1.13
2016 1.22
2017 1.31
2018 1.41
2019 1.35
2020 0.81
2021 0.88
2022 1.33
2023 1.49

In 2023, Hilton was the most valuable hotel brand, estimated at $11.746B.

Top Hotel Brands Worldwide by Brand Value (2023) In Million USD
Hilton 11,746
Hyatt 6,072
Hampton Inn 4,255
Holiday Inn 3,746
Marriott 3,066
Shangri-La 2,117
Double Tree 2,023
Sheraton 1,612
Embassy Suites 1,371
Intercontinental 1,202

As of 2022, Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel is the world’s priciest hotel at $175,000 per night.

The World’s Most Expensive Hotels (2022) Nightly Rate in USD
Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia 175,000
Palms Casino Resort Empathy Suite, Las Vegas, Nevada 100,000
Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite, Genève, Switzerland 80,000
The Mark Penthouse – The Mark Hotel, Manhattan, New York City 75,000
Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate, Fiji 61,142

Space Travel

Вместе с туроператором Space Travel можно не только отдохнуть, но и посетить обучение за границей. Компания готова помочь записаться в детскую языковую школу на Кипре, или организовать курс обучения для взрослых.

Кроме того, оператор регулярно проводит акции – они касаются не только снижения цен на путевки, но и возможности получить приятные подарки. Например, бриллиантовая акция с возможностью получить кольцо при бронировании номера определенной категории. Такое предложение действует ежегодно.

Как и предыдущий оператор, Space Travel готов помочь в организации корпоративных путевок, предоставить групповой или индивидуальный трансфер, и в целом оказать полный пакет необходимых услуг. Сотрудничает туроператор с лучшими отелями и авиакомпании, что и позволяет организовать качественное обслуживание каждого клиента, и обеспечивает компании место в рейтинге лучших туроператоров России 2020 года.

Специалисты компании помогут отправиться в отпуск в разные страны, как в популярные Египет, Турцию и Грецию, так и в Китай, Японию, Иорданию, Танзанию, Сербию или Америку. Список доступных направлений содержит более пятидесяти разных стран и островов.


Большое количество доступных направлений путешествия; Возможность отправиться на обучение заграницей; Организация индивидуальных, групповых и корпоративных путевок.


Не всегда встречаются компетентные экскурсоводы; Для участия в акции с кольцами нужно заказать дорогой номер.

Благодаря рейтингу лучших туроператоров России 2020 года Вы сможете подобрать надежную компанию, которая поможет организовать приятный и интересный отпуск. Ведь каждый турист хочет хорошо отдохнуть, не нервничать, и не тратить время на организационные вопросы. Доверьте все формальности специалистам, и позвольте себе расслабиться.


If you drive in the United States, you probably need AAA. «I have used AAA on many occasions,» says Pattie Haubner, a retired communications professional and frequent air traveler from West Nyack, N.Y.


Best Covid Travel Insurance Plans

She recently got a flat tire in a remote village in Maine. AAA roadside assistance responded promptly, and «a nice but Paul Bunyan type fixed my tire.»

Thomas Plante, a college professor from Santa Clara, Calif., agrees. «I have had a membership — along with my wife and son — for many years,» he told me. «It has come in handy for sure, especially when my son was on a solo camping trip in a remote area and got stuck. AAA is really a terrific value and a must-have.»

AAA is about more than roadside assistance, of course. As a member, you can buy insurance, get an international driving permit, consult a travel advisor or qualify for hotel and other travel discounts.

«I find that the AAA card is the most important card for travelers,» says Bob Bacheler, managing director of Flying Angels, a medical transportation service. «Not only does the card provide discounts on hotels, but I would not want to rent a car without my AAA card with me in the event of a breakdown. If you have children of driving age at home the peace of mind of knowing they can call AAA if they have a problem is priceless.»

ITB 2023

  • When: 7–9 March 2023.  
  • Where: Messe exhibition hall Berlin, Germany.
  • Exhibition website

ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) is one of the world’s biggest tourism trade fairs. It gives guests the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the travel industry. The trade show was first held in 1966, and since then has become famous far and wide.

Every year, ITB welcomes around 10,000 exhibitors from over 180 countries and regions. Cities, tour operators, booking system developers, airlines, hotels and other travel businesses present themselves and their services and inspire you to travel.

ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) is one of the world’s biggest tourism trade fairs. Photo: Caribbean News Digital

List of Top Travel Agencies in the World – Complete list

Travelers know that the best tour agencies in the world are like magicians. They will help you enjoy your travel time in a variety of ways; For example, you can stay in various advanced restaurants and eat tempting or mind-boggling food, experience wildlife somewhere, see something of personal preservation somewhere and visit the top museum for hours on end. Also one day they may surprise you with a secluded beach, lunch on a helicopter ride, or a walking safari.

These depend on what kind of trip you want to take and from which agency you are taking such a package.

Note: This travel agencies names list is compiled by considering the travel experiences of travelers from around the world each year – readers can share their views on top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. Rated tour operators and safari outfitters based on destination, activity, accommodation, food, and overall quality.

Some of the companies are spread all over the world and have almost any style of travel. They are also adept at celebrating and planning multitasking trips, where expectations are often sky-high.

If you want to guarantee a one-time life experience, you can contact these famous travel agencies. Find the complete list below and the details of what makes each company so special.

To qualify for listing, companies must have a minimum sales of $ 100 million, generating at least 15% of sales volume in the United States.

Travel Weekly website publish this travel agency name list:












12. AAA








20. ATG

















37. TAG
















These travel company names list collected from Travel Weekly.

Where is the best place to go traveling? Where are some of the most beautiful, exciting, and breath-taking places to visit? How much does it cost for airfare, tours, hotels, and meals? These are some of the common questions people ask before they go traveling. If you want to travel quickly and save money with the least amount of hassle, these top tourist organizations are for you.

WTM London 2023

  • When: 6–8 November 2023.  
  • Where: ExCeL, Royal Victoria Dock, London, United Kingdom.
  • Exhibition website

UK’s largest travel and tourism expo, World Travel Market (WTM), brings together travel and leisure industry professionals from 180 countries around the world every year. Over the exhibition’s three days, around 80 themed events are held with the participation of the best experts and speakers. The events are attended by thousands of travel sector workers.

The exhibition topics cover about 38 sectors of the travel business—from package tours to extreme adventures. The exhibition stands are arranged into a number of major sectors according to region: Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the UK and Ireland. You also have a general section called Global Village. Separate areas are dedicated to technology exhibits – Travel Tech Show – and a culinary theme.

World Travel Market London opens huge business opportunities for industry professionals. WTM

World Travel Market London opens huge business opportunities for industry professionals. It’s a place where travel business leaders gather to chat, network, find inspiration from the success of other companies, and discuss major industry trends. The event enables travel firms from around the world to showcase their systems and services, and exhibit alongside the biggest brands in accommodation and hospitality, famous travel destinations, innovative travel technology providers, and airlines.

In the context of the recovering international travel market, businesses continue to work hard to establish connections, build strategic relationships and promote their products and services.

RateHawk’s stand at WTM was awarded for the best stand design in Travel Tech section in 2022.

Travel exhibitions, trade fairs and shows are a unique opportunity to let the world know about you. Experts predict that this year, the return on investment in exhibitions will be even higher, given the market growth trends.

Tourism Trends 2023: The Importance of Sustainable Tourism

The tourism industry has undoubtedly had a negative impact on both the natural environment and local communities. However, people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their travel decisions. It is becoming more and more important for destinations and businesses to offer sustainable travel options to consumers or risk losing these potential visitors to their competitors.

According to the UNWTO, sustainable tourism is “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”. Over the past decade, sustainability has gone from a buzzword that both consumers and providers pay lip service to, but few actually take steps to support, to something that people actively seek and businesses offer.

Sustainable tourism has become an essential part of our industry, and tour operators are at the forefront of this movement. Not only adopting sustainable business practices help protect the environment in which you work and potentially live, but it can also make sense from a business perspective, as being “green” can also attract new customers.

In a recent Expedia survey, 90% of consumers said they look for sustainable options when vacationing. This means there is significant demand for sustainable travel providers. Furthermore, Euromonitor International reports that “73.8% of travel executives see increased interest in sustainability from their customers in 2022.” Perhaps more interestingly for the tour operators themselves, 57.3% of these executives noted that people are often willing to pay more for a tour or activity that they believe follows sustainable practices.

As an added bonus, people who want to travel sustainably are also inclined to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations for a more authentic and sustainable experience, which can be an incredible opportunity for companies operating in emerging destinations.

The Link Between Climate Change and Tourism

All around the world, mass tourism has been linked to environmental degradation, the depletion of natural resources and an increase in pollution. As tourists become more concerned about the impact of travel on both the natural environment and the communities with which they interact, the need for destinations and travel companies to adopt “green” policies is becoming more apparent.

Many destinations have chosen to implement various kinds of taxes to help offset the negative impacts of overtourism, while travel companies and hotels have looked at ways to reduce emissions associated with overnight stays and food consumption. Tour operators can easily do their part by booking direct flights for travelers, incorporating overland options whenever possible, promoting slow travel, and adopting new technologies that help reduce waste.

Why Partnering with the Right Online Travel Agent Matters

It’s not about choosing any online travel agent: choosing the best travel agent that fits your hotel’s specific needs is crucial. Here’s why:

  • Market Insights: These agencies offer tools that help you target customers more efficiently.
  • Revenue Impact: OTAs are used more frequently than individual hotel websites for bookings, making them a significant revenue source.
  • Customer Base: Picking an OTA with a wide-reaching customer base can lead to better occupancy rates for your hotel.

The right OTA can significantly impact your hotel’s revenue and occupancy rates. Therefore, hotel owners and managers should carefully select their OTA partners to ensure they align with their business goals.

Inaugural Ocean Cruise Ratings

For the first time in its 65-year history, Forbes Travel Guide dove into ocean cruises, launching its inaugural ratings with five ships. Celebrity Apex, Celebrity Flora and Celebrity Millennium earned Four-Star awards, while Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Summit received Recommended honors.

Known for fine dining—Celebrity Cruises named Five-Star chef Daniel Boulud as its global culinary ambassador in 2022—and cutting-edge design (including the Magic Carpet, the cruise industry’s first cantilevered venue), Celebrity offers relaxed a luxury resort experience at sea with ships that make their way to as many as eight destinations in one sailing.

A second wave of cruise line ratings will be announced later this year and evaluations are already underway on several ships worthy of star ratings for 2024.

City Star

Fully immerse yourself in urban life at these three stylish spots.

Winner: Capella Sydney, Australia

A painstaking labour of love brought Capella Sydney into being: it was formed from the city’s heritage-listed Department of Education building, a striking sandstone monolith in the financial district dating from 1912. Period features are complemented throughout with works by First Nations artists and tasteful design touches like vintage cocktail sets. Respite from the clamour of Sydney is promised at guest-only spa Auriga, which features locally inspired spa treatments. Visitors are actively encouraged to explore the wider city, too. The hotel team enthusiastically curates itineraries that range from private Champagne cruises along the harbour to foraging for endemic foods with Aboriginal Australian guides. From A$690 (£358), B&B. 


Palihouse West Hollywood, US: The kitschy-cool decor here spans the public spaces and 95 guest rooms, but the star of the show is the rooftop pool, with views of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. From $225 (£173), room only.  

Palazzo Vilòn, Italy: This hotel in Rome is an exercise in good taste. Vintage design touches complement magnificent period features, with mid-century modern furniture beneath gold-frescoed ceilings. From €820 (£707), B&B. 

Mercer and quality of living data

Mercer is the leading provider of data on quality of living for employees sent to work abroad. Ongoing research on the practicalities of daily life for these expatriate employees and their families forms the basis of our annual ranking of the quality of living in many prevalent assignment locations.

Quality of living data

Mercer offers objective recommendations for compensation premiums for employees assigned to work in locations where the quality of living or infrastructure differs from their home locations.

Learn more

Ranking press release

Learn more about the trends and highlights in this year’s ranking, plus comments from Mercer’s mobility experts.


Highest niche revenue-generating OTAs | Luxury

The global luxury travel ecosystem is valued at $1.54 trillion USD, with $1.4 trillion being spent on lodging and airfare. During the pandemic, households around the world amassed an extra $5.4 trillion in savings as consumers curtailed spending on recreation, travel, dining, and entertainment. This excess in savings and increased desire for travel has led to consumers booking more luxury vacations as most of the world’s travel restrictions have been lifted. Expedia found that 40% of travelers are more willing than ever to splurge on future travels, and 32% plan to visit a bucket-list destination. The following OTAs cater to travelers looking for luxury accommodations:

Mr & Mrs Smith: includes a collection of carefully curated hotels that are first anonymously evaluated and visited by staff. This exclusive OTA works on an invitation-only basis.

Prestigia: is made up of hand-selected quality and unique hotels from all over the world. This OTA offers the best price guarantees, promotions, and exclusive perks.

icastelli.net: luxurious, historical, and unique high-level hotels are the property types found on this OTA. Collections include exclusive boutique hotels, golf hotels, spa hotels, and more.

i-escape: provides unforgettable travel experiences, including eco-retreats, safari lodges, and boutique hotels. Also included is an award-winning booking system with a direct dialogue between guests and property and free advice from travel consultants.

Tablet Hotels: the official hotel selection of the MICHELIN Guide. This OTA showcases hotels that provide meaningful experiences to guests, regardless of budget.


How about a trip to spectacular tropical beaches, ancient ruins, and mystic temples?  Did someone say Thailand? Yeah. Want to experience the beaches of Phuket? Perhaps the metropolitan scene of Bangkok?  Or how about the charming countryside where you have a chance to encounter elephants? Naviglo will take you there.  Book your custom tour in Thailand with Naviglo and you’ll get an all-around experience of this popular tourist destination.

Influencer Application

Are you planning a trip to Thailand and would love to save on your accommodation and activity expenses?

If you help share the love for Naviglo with your followers and then these benefits could be yours.

So all you have to do is send your social media links and audience demographics with your application.


The latest shifts in tourist demographics and the rise of price-driven travel can feel like trying to hit a moving target. However, in many ways, these trends are all interconnected. For this reason, even small changes to your product offerings and price points can have a far-reaching impact on your overall business.

For example, offering a high-value tour focusing on sustainable travel in an emerging destination can help you reach solo adventurers who are looking for environmentally-conscious experiences. Not only competition in that market will be much lower than in other destinations, but your profit margins are likely to be higher. Looking for opportunities like this can help you stand out amongst your competitors and encourages repeat business from satisfied customers.

While these are considered the most recent travel trends, the emphasis on sustainable travel and emerging destinations is unlikely to change as we move into the future. Focusing on these aspects can not only help you gain more customers now but it can also help you build a strong business model moving forward. Similarly, investing in improving your digital infrastructure will help you get more bookings for years to come, not just in 2023. If you want to learn more about Regiondo, the leading booking system for tour operators and activity suppliers, feel free to book a demo with one of our consultants.

Conrad takes an extraordinary leap to become the world’s strongest hotel brand, with an AAA+ rating

In addition to calculating brand value, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics evaluating marketing investment, stakeholder equity, and business performance. Compliant with ISO 20671, Brand Finance’s assessment of stakeholder equity incorporates original market research data from over 100,000 respondents in 38 countries and across 31 sectors.

Conrad (brand value up 65% to US$537.82 million) has jumped up 16 spots to 31st position overall, while jumping an astonishing 38 spots into the winning position for brand strength, scoring 91/100. Known for its luxurious options and personalised service, Conrad has boosted its brand strength this year through significant global expansion. Hilton opened six new Conrad Hotels and Resorts in various desirable locations, including LA and Shanghai, with the aim of enhancing its long-standing reputation for seamless luxury and exceptional hotel design.


  • When: 18–22 January 2023.
  • Where: Ifema Feria de Madrid Avda, Madrid, Spain.
  • Exhibition website

FITUR is an event for global travel professionals. It is the leading exhibition for both inbound and outbound tourism markets in Ibero-America (Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of Europe and Latin America). It’s a unique forum for promoting brands, presenting new products, discovering the latest trends, and networking.

The exhibition lasts for five packed days. On each day, you can establish useful contacts, explore cutting-edge projects, enter into rewarding partnerships and engage top professionals.

FITUR is an event for global travel professionals. It is the leading exhibition for both inbound and outbound tourism markets in Ibero-America. Photo: FIT

Why attend FITUR?

  • To find new providers and clients, and strengthen your existing business relations.
  • To study new market and industry trends, and take part in conferences and technical sessions.
  • To enjoy Madrid: over 69,000 m2 of exhibition space in the world capital of tourism.

FITUR is a unique forum for promoting brands, presenting new products, discovering the latest trends, and networking. Photo: Rumbo Minero

Analysis of past selections

Looking at statistics of the 100 companies selected in the past
four years provides visibility and insights
into trends at the edge of innovation. This group of 100 companies have cumulatively raised funding of
$1.7 billion in total, with TravelPerk
(2019 cohort) having received the most funding, at $408.5 million. The 2020 and
2019 cohorts have raised the most money thus far — $630 million and $590
million, respectively. Seventy
percent of the companies operate primarily on a B2B basis, perhaps not
surprising given how difficult the consumer travel environment has been in the
last two years. But B2C businesses have raised nearly as much funding:
$811 million to B2B’s $899 million. Fifty-seven
percent of the companies are based in North America, while 30% are
headquartered in Europe, 7% in APAC and the rest in the Middle East and South
America. North America has trended down over time while Europe has gained
ground. Twenty-nine
percent primarily serve the hospitality industry (19% in hotel and hostel and
10% in short-term rentals), 18% work in the air category, 10% are in corporate
travel, 6% span multiple verticals and another 6% are in tours and activities. This is not dissimilar to the travel startup landscape at large,
with the exception of itinerary, inspiration and content-focused companies
being quite common in the larger landscape yet nearly absent from the Hot 25
cohorts. Eleven
companies have been acquired, three have failed and one merged (Setoo – 2020 selection — with Pattern Insurance).
Eighty-five are still operating. Four of the 11 acquired companies are in the
corporate travel space.

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